I’m not planning to make money off traveling, but I’m not a baller either. So I needed to start with a budget. For 12 months I’m looking at $18,250 ($50/day).


I’ll be tracking expenses so check back.


How I plan to stay on budget:

  • Traveling (somewhat) slowly during shoulder seasons
  • Using miles for flights (AA, UAL, and credit card ↓)
  • Staying at hostels and AirBNBs
  • Being my cheap self



  • US-based Charles Schwab has a checking account which refunds all ATM fees. You have to open a brokerage account with the high-yield checking.
  • If I get robbed, I’m going to keep a low balance on checking and then transfer between the two accounts (brokerage and checking) when I need dough.
  • At some point I’m going to check into housesittingvolunteering and working (here or here).. Not sure I’m ready for Couchsurfing yet.

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