West Coast

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Heard about Cornwall England so drove hours to St Ives and Gurnard’s Head.


Was supposed to stay at Eden Project (biodome) but got totally lost. Ended up driving all night because didn’t have place to stay – getting a hotel during high season is not a reality. Drove through insane roads – wheat or grass 10’ high, one lane. It was horror movie type of scene. Getting lost is not a word to describe it. I was scared. Scared of running into something or someone. Scared of something happening to the car, leaving me to make the decision of either staying in the car or walking to find help.


And then I saw my gas tank was at 1/8. Remembered a gas station I went to earlier. It was closed. Apparently gas stations close after 10pm.

Couldn’t bear to sleep in the car. Too scared of dying after a French film (Fat Girl) I saw 14 years ago. So drove to my next hostel hoping they were be open and/or let me in.

St Ives
St Ives
Gurnard's Head
Gurnard’s Head

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  1. George Cox
    | Reply

    AJ…. I hope you’re having a great time.

  2. Gwen
    | Reply

    Aaaaaaack! This stuff makes me physically ill.
    Good luck and be careful! You can always ask for help! You know how I worry about my Adrianas.

    • chasing aj
      | Reply

      Well, I’ve got more moving videos so take dramamine before visiting my blog :)

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